Friday, November 6, 2009

Confessions of my Rough Feet

I love flip flops. I grew up in Arizona where I could wear flip-flops year round. I have all different styles and colors and I honestly think they go with EVERYTHING. The only problem with my sandal obsession...ROUGH FEET. I hate it but it's true. My feet are rough and my heels are cracked and I just hate it. sure, I would love to go get a pedicure every week but who can afford that? I am paying for baby formula and that pretty much breaks the bank. Well for those of you who have the same problem as me, I have a WONDERFUL and easy fix.

First of me. This sounds a little weird but I SWEAR by this method. Before bed wipe a STRIDEX pad all over the bottoms of your feet. The liberally apply a coat of AQUAPHOR to feet and cover with socks. By morning, you will see and feel a difference.

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  1. All I've ever done was scrub with puma stone and make sure to lotion my feet and put socks on right after. Now that is winter, I don't have to worry about it as much. I'll ahve to keep this in mind for the summer time!